Testimonial on Psoriasis & Athlete Foot

It's always so rewarding to hear back from our customers with their testimonials!  

This is from Susanna, Housewife, 34.
Her daughter has psoriasis and athlete foot. "My daughter, Angelica has severe dry skin.  I know she was born with it - Psoriasis.  We have been using all kind of lotions and medications.  We've tried from steroids to lotions such as Gold Bond, Nivea, Cetaphill or Eucerin.  Nothing helped.  She gets itchy day after day.  Then we found Primocyn Eau Divine.  We already knew the product was finally doing something because she stopped complaining about her skin.  Within a week, we saw her skin changed especially her toes.  What I like about this product is it does not contain alcohol.  It is safe to use on children without any side effects.  Psoriasis is still there, but it's only been two weeks.  Great thing is that we can use it as long as she needs.  All we want for her is better and happy.  My baby is at the happiest ever!"


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