Skin Care Formula with Hidden Beauty Benefits

More than 20 years of satisfied users without side effects
FDA 510K Cleared

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A Highly Concentrated,
Natural Source of Active Ingredients that Provides


Tightens loose skin

Collagen Creation

Stimulates fibroblast to produce collagen which removes wrinkles

Brighten Skin Tone

Evens out pigmentation and removes dead skin cells

Reduce Age spots

Fades unwanted age spots, for a brighter skin tone

Reduce the Pore size

Shrink large pores

Acne | Breakout

Controls infection and inflammation

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How Collagen is Created

Step 1

Congested dead keratinocytes (skin.)

Step 2

Apply Primocyn’s super oxidized water ingredient

Step 3

Primocyn’s super oxidized water ingredient penetracting

Step 4

Takes approximately 30 seconds to activate and stimulate collagen fiber 99.99%

Step 5

After applying Primocyn for an average of 2-3 weeks, skin tightens and becomes smooth

Step 6

Epidermis, dermis and hypodermis regenerated and callogen fiber boosted

“When skin is pH-Balanced, it's brighter, healthier and better protected from harmful bacteria, virus, and pollutants”

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