Primocyn Hydrogel - 1.76 oz (50g)


Update on Primocyn Product Availability

Updated Size: 1.76 oz (50g)

Primocyn Skin and Wound Care with preservatives is designed for debridement of wounds including Stage I-IV pressure ulcers, partial and full-thickness wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, post surgical wounds, first and second degree burns, grafted and donor sites. This recent advance in wound care has demonstrated rapid in solution eradication of MRSA, VRE and other dangerous pathogens with 99.97% kill in just under 30 seconds, yet is safe to use around eyes, ears and mouth.

What makes Primocyn different?

• Manufactured under strict quality guidelines to ISO:13485, ISO:9001 and FDA QSR

• Supported by 53 U.S. and international patents while most Other super oxidized solutions have zero patents and are offshoots of hard surface disinfectants!

• Supported by, 17 FDA clearances and 13 CE (class IIb) Indications

How it's Made

How it's Made

Through electrolysis process, purified water and sodium chloride are submitted to an electric field. During this electrolysis process, molecules are pulled apart in a chamber with positive and negative poles, and oxygen and chlorine species (e.g. hypochlorous / hypochlorite) are formed naturally as a result of the electrolysis process.

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)

White blood cell produces HOCL to kill a wide range of pathogens in our body. Primocyn produces HOCL in the lab to mimic body’s natural defensive system. HOCL is a very strong antimicrobial agent against bacteria, virus, fungi, and mold.

HOCl attacks the Bacterial cell wall

• Hypochlorous acid denatures proteins on the bacterial cell wall
• Bacterial cell loses its integrity.

HOCl bursts the cell via osmosis

• Hypochlorous acid lowers osmotic pressure of the surrounding cell.
• A cell has a tendency to create an osmotic balance.
• Cell starts to absorb water from its surrounding.
• This action increases the internal pressure of the cell.
• Cell bursts.

One Solution with HOCl

a highly concentrated, natural source of active ingredients designed for the best wound and skin care. HOCl mimics body's natural defensive system and disinfects affected areas and kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in less than 30 seconds.

Before and After

Using hydrogel and skin solution for less than a month and acne on the face improved dramatically

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